Condo Hotel Dubai means investing around the world

Have you ever wondered to yourself, “What if I had already bought land in Orlando before the archives?” Or about, “I wish there was a piece of strip in Las Vegas?” Just imagine where you will live today, only you can describe the future of these fascinating cities.

Not right now. It’s not too late for all real estate investment opportunities. The trick is just finding the next Orlando or Las Vegas and investing now.

Dubai, Middle East Shanning Star

So where is the best opportunity today? It is a well-known city that is becoming the shining star of the Middle East in Dubai.

Dubai is one of the seven United Arab Emirates, and it has been mentioned as the fastest growing city on the planet. In fact, it’s all a plot of blockbuster success of epic proportions. Here are some of the achievements and projects that help keep this city on the map.

Burj Al Arab – The only one star hotel in the world

Burj Dubai – The oldest tower in the world

عرب Arab Mall – The largest shopping mall in the world

Halon Jebel Ali – with resorts, two large management islands
And recreational areas, off the coast of Dubai

Dubailand – A collection of six ultra-modern themes, a combination of 45 mega projects and 200 leisure projects in development, was designed to build on the eve of tourism and the size of all Walt Disney World Resorts in approx. Is three times.

Jabal L. Port – The largest management port in the world

Skywalk – The longest foot bridge in the world

World Sports Events – Dubai World Cup (World’s Richest Horse Race), Dubai Desert Classic (Golf) and Dubai Rugby Sands

Dubai International Finance Center (DIFC) – Proposed Financial Center for the entire Middle East

Dubai Airport – The expansion is capable of handling 45 million passengers a year until 2018.

Tax Invoices – 100% tax free business environment

What is this for you

You can participate in the development of Dubai. Consider investing in one of the five-star condo hotels under construction. Now available are the first construction opportunities to buy Kansas Hotel units in Dubai. And Americans, Europe and around everyone jump on this occasion.

You must buy a luxury hotel (studio, one, two or three bedrooms), and as the owner you will share in any income that the hotel unit generates.

How much revenue is OK Some developers in Dubai actually offer guaranteed 8% minimum annual returns or 60% of the revenue that your unit generates, which is a maximum, for the first three years. After the third year, you are still entitled to 60% income, but there is no guarantee.

Will 60% of revenue be significant? Of course no one can offer a future. But consider these facts. Dubai has the highest hotel occupancy rate in the world! In 2005, it was 86% and continued to climb. It also has the highest revenue per hotel room in the world, killing cities globally such as New York and Paris.

Condo hotel doors

As the owner of a condo hotel unit, you can keep your condo hotel as long as you would like. Use it as a get rid of home if desired. When you don’t want it in your real estate portfolio, maybe you can get it again, maybe at your valuable value, and you maintain 100% profit.

Is this a good time to shop in Dubai? After all, this country is not a holiday destination like Las Vegas or Florida. But the fact is that it is absolutely right.

The Dubai real estate sector is only a few years old. The new property market has its advantages over the underground. Remember, these are premium features in a new land with incredible potential. The prices of these five star stove hotels are very reasonable, leaving plenty of room for possible compliments.

For example, compare Trump International in the Fed. Today in Lauderdale, Florida, where a 612-square-foot studio condo hotel unit will run you over $ 800,000 or the Metropolitan, Las Vegas, your 600,000-foot studio will run you $ 750,000 +.

Comparison studios at Dubai Condo Hotels are over $ 150,000. In fact, at these prices, you can easily buy a three bedroom unit in Dubai, as well as enough left to buy its new and its Mercedes and Boot Matching Camel!

Why is Dobby so popular?

Dubai is located on the southeastern coast of the Persian Gulf, practically located on park roads in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. This makes the gateway to 1.5 billion users.

With its central location, Dubai is fast becoming a major tourist destination in the region. Over the past decade, the number of visitors to Dubai has grown from 1.08 million to 5.4 million, representing an annual growth of 16%. This growth rate is three times higher than the rate of global tourism in the same period. In fact, in the last five years alone, the number of tourists visiting D has increased by 54%

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