Foreign Indian neighborhoods that are converted into hotels

When I started my five month tour of India I had no idea what was in store for me. I was not sure why I planned to visit India. Perhaps I was also impressed by the lifestyle of the Indian Maharaja and wanted to see and experience myself for my life and his quarters. Indian palaces and meanwhile my interest in ‘Indian style’ like ‘Mansha Bhardwaj’, ‘Indian Princesses and Their States’, ‘Barbara Ann Ramsek’, ‘Industry of the Subcontinent’, ‘Allison Arendt’ and ‘Michael Edwards’ visited Indian temples and palaces.

Palaces of the Indian Maharaja India is a mystical land and there are many things that travelers can find. Almost every Western traveler wants to bring a cultural shock when visiting India. Therefore it is recommended to read some travel before going on tour.

India’s history is rich and tells us many brave kings and queens who have lived and died for our kings. These kings used to rule vast empires and lived extraordinary lives in their alien and divine forts and palaces. With the passage of time, most of the palaces were destroyed by attacking the soldiers. The rest of the residents are today converted into hotels by the government of India and some by private organizations.

Foreign Indian neighborhoods that are converted into hotels

One of my major goals in visiting India was to live in one of the many palaces and experience the life of the Maharaja (kings). I have discussed below in some of the hotels in which I stay and which I love the most.

Lalita Palace in Mysore

My trip to Mysore required me to travel to a place where I meet places that had a rich heritage and culture. The most famous palace hotel in Mysore is ‘Lalia Mahal Mahal’. The palace was built in 1921 by a king named Vaudir Krishna and was designed by EW Fritchley, a famous English architect.

Today the palace is maintained by the India Tourism Development Corporation and they have done a good job with it. Outdoor looks where the interior is brand new. All the rooms of this palace overlook the beautiful Chamandi hills and give the visitor a breathtaking view of Mysore city.

The palace offers all the amenities one would expect from a five star hotel including a swimming pool, golf course, fitness club, pool and shopping arcade.

Fern Hill Palace in Ooty

Located in southern India, Ooty is a popular tourist destination in India. When I was in Ooty I decided to stay at the Fern Hill Hill Hotel which dates back to 1840. It was then used by the British as their summer resort. This palace hotel has more than 50 rooms including hotel room and cottage. Although the palace is very old, it is well maintained and everything can make one feel like a Maharaja.

This exotic castle combined with the Chilean atmosphere of the mountain station gave me something I could forget for a lifetime.

Bulgarian palace in Cochin

In southern India, cocaine is considered the pearl of the Indian Ocean and its reputation is very high. When Cochin I decided to stay in Bolgothi Palace which was used as the residence of the British Governor as the British Governor. The Kerala Tourism Development Corporation has restored this magnificent building which brought it back to its glory.

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The palace has five large rooms and six coats. The rooms have been beautifully restored, not to destroy their essence. It almost looks like the time was just standing in the palace since this path was built in 1744.

Lake Palace in Uttar Pradesh

My next destination was Adipur in Rajasthan in the western part of India. Lake Mahal in Adapur is one of the most exotic hotels I have ever stayed in. The hotel is located in the middle of the blue waters of Lake Pichola and is practically running into the water from the nearby fort.

Expensive Jagat Singh built back in 1754, the palace is maintained by Taj groups and offers teachers for romantic residence. The palace has 85 beautiful rooms with special suites and includes all its flexible marble pillars, antique paintings and glass work. I almost felt like living in a fantasy island with my room overlooking a refreshing lily pond.

There are many palaces and palaces in Uttar Pradesh but none comes in comparison to Lake Mahal. I was also impressed by the ‘Lemmy Wells Palace’ which was once a guest house to serve British guests.

Bikaner House (Bharath House House) Mount Abu

Mount Abu in Rajasthan is another hill station that made me proud. As a host of Mount Abu Mahal Palace it was the favorite hill station for the Maharaja. I decided to stay at Biker House Palace which is located in one of the most famous places of Mount Abu. Built in 1893, the palace was used as a summer residence for ancient kings.

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