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Actor Spencer Tracy once said: No I intend to die, but when I do, I don’t want to go to heaven, I want to go to Clarge.’ William Clegg, a butler from a mutual family, bought a small hotel on Brook Street and in 1854, expanded his business to a second hotel called Mivart. ‘Clarge, the late Mivart’, as it has been known for many years, had a high reputation as the Continental Aristocrat of London and its status was enhanced in 1860 when Queen Victoria visited the French Empire, Agni, Who had taken temporary residence there while living in England. During World War II, the exiled King of Yugoslavia lived in Klarj when his wife gave birth to a son and an heir. Churchill declared for a day the territory of the Swiss Yugoslavia to ensure that the child would receive the right to the throne – a right that the 60-year-old prince would still retain in 2006.

2. Writ

Although he had already retired from the Soviet Union after a financial scandal and mental health problems, the hotel was built on the specifications of the legendary hotelier Server Resort and became what he called the ‘little house’ in which I named myself. Attached ‘. Opened in 1906, Ritt quickly became rich and famous. Since Aga Khan and John Paul Gutti have taken his place there over the years, modest European royalties in exile from Republican regimes have taken its toll, and Hollywood stars have taken their fans’ emotions into their own. Doing is attracted. In 1921, Charlie Chaplin returned as an artist to an unknown music hall after returning to the city for the first time, almost due to riots outside the writ and forty policemen to protect him through employment. Was employed for but had demanded. Fans. The Ritz is now owned by the famous Barkley Brothers.

3. Bird’s

The hotel was a maid on Lady Bayer in 1837, opened by a man and his wife Sarah James Brown. It was in 1817 that the first long distance telephone calls to England were made by Alexander Graham Bell. In Brown’s room, he called a colleague who was in a house near Ronscott Park. Thoreau Roosevelt was married in London and lived in Brown’s when he married Eddie Karmat Carro in Hanover Square in St. George’s. Franken D. Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor spent their honeymoon at the hotel. During World War II, the Dutch government declared war on Japan, which was evicted from Brown’s Room 36.

4. Shade

The Soveau was built by the Emperor Richard de O’Carte, who first started and inaugurated the Gilbert and Sullivan Operations in 1820. Her first manager was Caesar Ritt, her first chef was Aigai Escoffier. Oscar Wilde and Lord Alfred Douglas, at the height of the issue that ultimately ruined Wilde, often stayed in the Soviet Union. In his third trial in 1895, Weil, among other factors, charged the unidentified men with 34 counts of unknown and countless innocent people with 362 Soviet. The Soviet-led short road is the only wellness in England where drivers walk on the right, a tradition that dates back to the time of the horse-drawn hansom cabin. The hotel staff’s admission is now to Fountain Court, where William Blake lived in the last years of his life.

5. Langham

Celebrated in 1865 with a feast for two thousand guests, including the Prince of Wales, Lanham quickly established itself as one of London’s finest hotels with famous customers. A witness in a fraud case in Old Bailey in the 1880s claimed one of the defendants that he said, ‘I knew he must be a complete Solomon – why, he was in Langham’s room . ‘ The hotel was a dining scene that produced two of the best novels of the late nineteenth century. Joseph Stoddart, publisher of Lippent Magazine in the United States, was visiting London and living in Langham when he enjoyed dinner with Oscar Wilde and Arthur Conan Doyle. He commissioned ‘Four Mark’ from Devil and ‘Image of Dorian Gray from Vail’.

6. Dorster

Built on the site of the Mansion Dorster House, the hotel opened in 1931. Famous guests over the years include Somerset Mummam, Elizabeth Taylor, Danny Kai (who had performed in the cabaret at the hotel many years before her name was able to stay in one of her suites), Jackie Collins and General S. Hanover, who was in a back room in Dorster while he was planning light attacks. The hotel celebrated Prince Philip’s star night. Foyle’s Literary Luncheons began in Dorchester in the 1930s and continues to this day.

The hotel is rated 5 star with the following customer reviews. The hotel overlooks the city and the Chicago River. The windows have a rooftop floor with breathtaking views. The hotel has exceptional customer service with tea and coffee being served in one room. The hotel staff are wonderful, charming and friendly.

The location of the hotel is such that one can quickly get to a place in Chicago as this hotel is located in the city of Chicago which has easy access to many bus and train stations. Union Station is located about 2 miles southwest of the hotel. O’Hare International Airport is 17 miles from the hotel and for those who like Midway International Airport, it is only 13 miles from the hotel.

For those who are interested in business affairs, Langham Hotel is a good bet as it has ballroom spaces and meeting rooms for those who are on business. The business center has computers, translators and secretaries who said services are needed.

There are also site and event planners out there to make sure your business meeting goes according to plan.

The hotel is suitable for students because the rooms have free Wi-Fi among a host of other services. Pricing is high, so, as a student, you should be financially prepared.

Waldorf Astoria Chicago

Waldfort Astoria is a very beautiful hotel that offers no chance. It is located in the Gold Coast Chicago and offers exceptional customer service. The hotel includes facilities including indoor fire fighting.

The Waldfort Astoria Hotel has five business rooms with 21 to 230 guests respectively. A ballroom is also available for those who need one. The hotel boasts a teardrop business center, private dining room also room.

The hotel is not budget friendly because the prices are high.

Four season hotel

The Four Seasons Hotel in Chicago is one of the cleanest hotels in Chicago. Cleaning services are offered twice daily. The customer service at the hotel is global; This is by Forbes and other travel advisory agents rankings.

The hotel is close to bus stations and the L train. For those who are interested in shopping, there are nearby shopping malls nearby. If you are interested in swimming, there is an indoor pool and an appetite at the end of the swimming pool.

If you have a birthday to relax, you can do so at the hotel’s spa, which includes a massage parlor, body treatments, sauna and sauna.

If you have a business function or meeting, the four-season hotel has a 24-hour business center, computers, Macs, fax machines, audio affiliates and copy machines.

Hotel prices are on the high side, but one can take advantage of distant peaks to enjoy lower prices.

Chicago Chicago

The Islandrola Hotel in Chicago is one of the most comfortable hotels in the world. You can comfortably control the room lighting using the remote, and customer service is at the top.

If you are interested in relaxation, you can take aqua exercises offered by trainers who have managed the pool and appetite. Spa facilities include massage, facial, body treatments, salon services, and steam services.

If you are interested in business function, many options are available, including terrace, ten meeting rooms.

Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago

All hotel rooms have terrace windows up to 10 feet from the floor, so you’ll enjoy Chicago’s scan line and Chicago River’s breath.

All rooms have a turtleneck, a 42-inch flat TV, DVD player, and bath tub that can be separated from the shower.

The hotel is 75 feet high which is heated with limited setting chairs on the lounge for privacy purposes.

For those interested in a fully functional spa, fitness center and business at the hotel, you can always enjoy the lux business rooms offered at the hotel.

Finally, the top five most rated hotels in Chicago offer you the most memorable moments of your life, with their world-class customer service, spa, pool, business facilities and other world-class facilities. Facilities between. The dining experience in the hotels is world class with renowned chefs who give you a taste of the best international food.

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