My transition to Cape Coral began I suppose as well as others staying at the Quality Hotel Nutles.

I remember playing in Cape Coral for the first time. Tool boot Bridge Deal with the sparkling waters of the Kellogg’s River. I remember feeling in the high view of Cape Coral Bridge, which will soon become my new home. Canal and tropical palm trees. Boats in the background. Cement house many dark green and blue. It was like I pictured it and it will be different from the places I know at the time.

I passed the Freemason Monument and the Water Fountain at the city gates, and everything felt like they were clicking on the spot. “I told my wife, ‘Keep your condition for a quality hotel.’ “It should be somewhere here.” And there it was. As I stay in any hotel on any of my road trips. Cheap. Clean efficient. Easy to find. And in the right place where I need it. Was.

In 2005 Quality Hotel was the most viable option in the city for accommodation. The Hampton Inn had not yet been built. One or two other hotels listed online, but poor customer reviews ruled them out. And quality hotel accommodation stands in the tradition. The parcel of land has been turned into a quality hotel originally the New tus Hotel and Surfs Restaurant, which was occupied by the city’s first hotel and restaurant. Living in this place When I found my new home, I felt connected to the former Pierre of Cape Core. I liked it that way.

We pulled the car into the back parking lot and pulled the car. Was very close. In the back corner were two moving trucks.

We checked into our room, put a glass of luggage in the elevator and fell into bed exhausted from the road. It took about 10 hours since we left South Africa, Maitley Beach and we were both sick in the car.

I looked at the aspects and threw them on the television from the remote. Wink was news, and finding their stories is always news in new places abroad. Something about burying owls, something about nail surveillance. Something about trying to bounce back from the storm. I adjusted it. This was the story of my future community. That was the story I wanted to tell.

I opened the sliding glass door on a balcony on Cape Coral Parkway. It looked like a city. It was industrial. Many racing engines. Occasional lion. People wait for each other at bus stop silent gossip. At the time, construction was before full force, and migrant workers ramped up truck beds at work, strictly on their own homes. I remember that the sky could be backwards backward, rotating and changing with the expected progress towards the disk. I remember the picnic in the numerous air filled the American flag above. Cape Coral felt like a place of opportunity, an American opportunity, where stories of American lives were uncommon in coastal winds and dry clouds. It seemed like a place that accepted me, a place that I had to be.

“Maybe it’s Margaret’s time.” And so, we formed ourselves and led the head of the Surfid Tiki Bar invited by the pool. A mixture of plastic cloth khota with ice cubes and slices of wine and lime cooled our tribal nerves. The night had fallen. Headlights and street lights and business signs that pass through the scent of jasmine shining at night. Some drinks later, and we’ve changed life stories over and over again and with everyone else.

That night I thought hard. I lay in a fairly comfortable bed on the awkward comfortable bed, and considered my small place in the history of the Quality Hotel. How many others had checked into this room with my intent? How many other people in this place think correctly that their life will be like this new place? It was a long journey to fulfill the dream of moving to South Florida. In the hallway outside, at an unusual hour, a man was walking with his family. I sure had something to do with moving forward.

The next morning in Perokin there was a quick breakfast rush. The smell of pastries and chicken bacon made me feel like I was sitting in a boat with the length and breadth of the “Home Office” rating section on News News. We were meeting with the realtor in an hour. Housing inventory was tight these days. There was nothing to see, everything was under contract. This morning we had no way of knowing that we would make three more visits to Kapoor Corps. Before us was our new front and anxious to discover.

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