The beautiful and luxurious Belgian Hotel

1. Venice

Venice is a wonderful and beautiful hotel with a wonderful Italian trust. It offers guests gondola rides to enjoy the canals like Venice and their surroundings. There are more than 70 shops and dining areas to visit and numerous streets to entertain magicians and musicians as they roam the similar streets in Venice.

Venice has 10 high-end restaurants serving French, Italian, contemporary American and Asian cuisine. Meals cost between $ 30 and ڈالر 50, except for the seafood that goes up to $ 50 at the Aqua Nix restaurant. For casual dining, the average cost is about ڈالر 30 per person.

The hotel has several nightlife and entertainment venues. Live bands and famous artists such as Phantom and Jersey Boy offered entertainment for the guests. The hotel rooms have a marble bath with a marble center, a 27-inch television and an expensive living room. Venice Tower and Plaza Hotel are the latest additions. They offer serene surroundings and private pool gardens.

2. Belgium

The beautiful and luxurious Belgian Hotel has 1,200 fountains, a spa and a gallery of fine arts. Along with it is a magnificent biotinical garden with Mediterranean nature furniture. For fun, guests are treated to smooth bedding, divers and acrobats that perform up or down, to provide a breathtaking experience.

Guests can enjoy music and dance at Fontana Bar, Beacon Bar, Bank or Caramel. Bellagio has several hotels that offer fine dining. These include Jasmine, Mina and Lee Cirque restaurants serving Chinese, Continental and French cuisine. For casual dining, guests can relax in the buffet and cafe Belgium. Bellagio’s rooms have warm and inviting showers, flat-screen TVs, fully stocked mini bars and amazing artwork and wood furnishings.

3. Van Las Vegas

A guest at the Van Hotel will not fail to appreciate the architectural beauty of the hotel. Van Las Vegas Room with Lagos, an 18-hole golf course, 3 acres of lake and rooftop floors. Hotel New York City is comparable to its high-end stores such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Ferrari & Happiness. The nightlife at the Van Hotel is just amazing. Blush, Club Taste, Reader, XS and Encore Beach Club are some of the entertainment venues at the hotel. Guests are treated to a show by Akbarbecks and well-danced dancers.

There are more than 20 different restaurants that offer different food. Guests can cook at SW SteakHouse, Winglei, Pizza Place or Zooza Crackers, among others. The van hotel has suite fabrics and furnishings, room service messaging services, and remote control lighting and drop. Van Dun beds are very comfortable and are made of gold artist 310-lens.

4. Arya

Arya Julian is an architectural masterpiece with 16 different restaurants such as Serrano, Blossom and Baba. For casual dining, Arya Bad Caf, Sky Box and Lemongrass. Nightlife and entertainment in Arya is revolutionary. There is a light and whole voice in the Haaz Club that can challenge the reality of the guest. The Davis Lounge offers music and dancing, drinking and gambling.

In terms of shopping, you will find many high end stores such as Poplin, Radiation and Terrain. Aria and salon will meet all your hair, make-up, beauty and health needs. Arya’s room includes ceiling-to-floor windows, 42-inch TV, remote-controlled dimmable lighting, room temperature and drop, wireless and internet connection, private water closet and other unparalleled amenities.

5. MGM Grand Hotel

A large bronze lion statue on the interior of the hotel welcomes your majesty and beauty inside the MGM Hotel. 4 towers, famous nightclubs, dozens of shops, high-end restaurants and more than 5,000 rooms in Sher Zoo, is a city within the city. Casino has more than 3 fields.

For fun, there is the Tolo Lounge for ultra-modern entertainment, Latin music and the Veda Lounge dance for Studio 54. The hotel hosts a unique stage for Crazy Horse Theater, a small Hollywood theater and Abercrombie performances, and martial arts performances by Cirque du Sovereign. Some of the restaurants in the hotel include FEMA, Kraftik and Noble Tower.

Rooms at the MGM Hotel are from deluxe suites to private villas. The rooms and villas have spacious marble bathrooms, wireless internet connection and pillow top donkeys.

6. Caesar Palace

Caesar Palace is a Roman style hotel with amenities. It offers fine dining with this range of restaurants including Guy Sevi, Mesa Grill and American Gourmet. For casual dining, guests can visit the hotel’s 160 forum shops. Club Pure, Galleria Bar and Sea Horse Bar offer a mix of fun and unlimited designs.

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