What Is The Business Level Of Hotels

To say that hotels in Morocco are going through a difficult time right now is a bit of a bully. The same business level is lower in guests rides and independent hotels. There are various reasons:

Clearly the current financial crisis, which affects the hotel industry anywhere in the world. Compared to 2007, hotel security experts or GDS providers complain about a 10 to 71 percent reduction in hotel reservations.

This is especially painful for hotels in Morocco because their expectations were too high. The mantra of “10 million tourists by 2010” had reached the country’s most hidden corners by 2010, and everything was put in place for a boom instead of preparing for the financial crisis. . In the last 3 years literally new guests have opened their doors. It is estimated that more than 800 earned guests in the Medina of Marrakech are not concerned.

And now tourists do not follow. At least those tourists who can live in luxury as a luxury.

Added to this situation is the fact that the market is not really the GSD market. GDS is a great channel for the corporate public, but there is no corporate destination with Marquez and GDS connectivity is still coming with some investment and workload, this is the marketing strategy that Marquez has There is a lot of potential for more and more hotels. Some small or perhaps illegal guests also discredited Marquez with IDS, who are no longer always happy to promote such a resident.

Apart from Agadir the Moroccan tour operator does not land either.

So it’s no less surprising that many Moroccan hotels focus on their direct hotel website and internet marketing. When I visit a hotel in Morocco, I am always amazed at the knowledge or enthusiasm, of SEO. Sometimes it feels like even the youngest guest house is studying or experimenting with techniques to get their websites higher in the search engine rankings.

But is it always good SEO? The internet is definitely a great tool for finding free information but in my experience it is not always fully understood.

In many hotel websites you can see that the old but unethical keyword filling technique is still alive and not to mention keyword confusion. Just go to your hotel website point your cursor at a place in the page and right click the mouse and select the source code. Maybe, when you see the title, description and keyword tag, you’ll see what I mean? Do all three tags really provide information on a single and completely targeted keyword?

Or is it just a mixture of something? For example Riad Madrugada  Luxury Ride Marquee. Welcome to our Ryad Guest House in Mars our telephone is.

In such a situation, can any search engine find out how your website really is a keyword? Is it for Marrach or Marcreek? For Riad or Ryad? For luxury or guest house?

Targeting a single and unique keyword per page shows search engines whether or not your site is highly relevant to that search.

Targeting a large number of keywords only means that the wine is getting thinner and your page is not related to those keywords.

You may also want to confirm that the keyword will target you. After all if there are thousands of websites that all target the same keyword, for example, Ridemark your website will still end up at the bottom of the dial. Google.Com returns more than 600,000 pages for this particular keyword which means it will be not just a difficult battle but a tough one.

A searchable term such as Radad Civic Markarch returns 60,000 results. Your chances here are very high.

SEO often comes down to finding the right place in the online marketplace, where it is easy to solve.

Or why not combine the two? Set yourself a long-term goal for example advanced to a very popular keyword, while at the same time trying to find a great place to attract traffic in the short term Is? A very good place helps to attract more tourists in short tours and also very relevant tourists. Without it it is said that not so good keywords or key phrases are studied as very popular ones. But on the other hand, they give you the possibility to attract very relevant visitors.

Riad marker is a very broad term. Sure a searcher using this keyword is looking for a ride in Marrach but it could be just anything. Does it look like a big small, comfortable or luxury budget? With one or more polling, rooftop terrace, seating for baby children, one or triple room, jacuzzi, dining options, central location or not, online reservations or not, and so on. So advanced service is provided for this keyword, if 90% of your online visitors immediately discover that your rad is not what they want and immediately change elsewhe.

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