Mumbai also known as the commercial capital of India  is one of the country’s major ports. In the presence of Bollywood within the mostly selective and conservative Indian city of Mumbai by nature, Mumbai is the hub of the globally influential Hindi film and TV industries. It is also home to India’s largest population. Mumbai is a shop-house paradise – the city has several shopping marks like Kolboh Kos, Chowr Bazaar and Crawford Market. Business travelers will feel right at home in Mumbai, thanks to the many hotels that offer modern convention halls and premium rooms. A glimpse of Indian culture for tourists to visit the city in the form of innumerable sites like Gateway of India, Haji Ali Mosque and Victoria Terminus. Whether the trip is business related or a casual joke to experience a leg of Storm and Indian culture, Mumbai will not disappoint its visitors. Some of the most popular hotels in Mumbai are: Boa Suite, Le Sutra, Swaska Design Hotel, Waterstrone Hotel, JC Shot, Abud Bombay etc.


The Top 5 star hotel in Mumbai India 

Four Seasons Hotel & Accommodation – This Mumbai hotel is located in the city center and is 20 km from Chittorgarh Shivaji International Airport, while Santa Cruz Domestic Airport is 15 km away. A sleek icon of the best adventures, this luxury hotel offers wide quarters, stunning views of the Arabian Sea and unparalleled comfort and services. The sea floor rooms on the high floors of this 5 star hotel offer a spectacular view and are highly recommended. This hotel has the highest rooftop bar in Mumbai which offers a panoramic view of the city. It is a 10-minute drive from Sudhiveniki Mak Temple and a 15-minute drive fromShivaji Park.

Trader Norman Pott – This hotel is a 15-minute drive from Mumbai Central and Western Railway Station Terminus and a 45-minute drive from Chatterjee Shivaji International Airport. Lower in the heart of stable Mumbai, this luxury hotel rises 35 storeys high and offers a panoramic view of the Queen’s necklace. Traveler clubs require business travelers for comfort and convenience. The floors of this luxury hotel offer durability (from 28th floor to 31st floor) durability such as express check in and checkout, special reception and watch butler service. On this floor guests have access to the exclusive Club Lounge which provides the servi


ces of an intermittent club manager as well as minority cocktail hours to ensure an intermittent and efficient service.

MELUHA – FERN HOTEL – This 5 star hotel is an environmentally responsible hotel with many awards to its credit, this luxury hotel is one of the world class hotels with Level 1 certification and LEED gold rating.

The only hotel. Located in the heart of Hernandani Gardens in Pai, the hotel is about 5 km drive from Andheri Railway Station, while the International Airport is 12 km drive away. This 5 star hotel in Mumbai is named in honor of the legendary Valley of Civilization. This luxury hotel is the first hotel in Mumbai to launch “para-room” concepts – a one-room filtration system that removes airborne particles and surfaces are treated to reduce bacterial growth. . This holologenic hotel accommodation is approximately 99.9% allergen resistant. This hotel is the only one to successfully combine a premium guest adventure with an ecologically perfect, award-winning break. The concept of this luxury hotel is beautiful and personal charm, combined with contemporary amenities and minimal impact on the environment.

Pelalium Hotel, Mumbai – This luxury hotel is within a ten minute walk from the Lower Parle Railway Station, while Mumbai International Airport is only 13 kilometers away. Lower inside High Street Phoenix, a luxury shopping destination, this hotel offers easy access to shopping, leisure and dining options. Controversial interior guests of the Grand Lobby warmly welcome guests with this charming old world featured by Rajasthani Tucker Artwork. This royal design is envisioned through temporary guest rooms and suites that offer customers a fan in a five-star luxury adventure.

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