Hotel Security: Top 5 Tips for Staying Safe and Secure in a Hotel

Whether guests at a seven star hotel or a hostel there are a few things that travelers need to consider when staying overnight. Here are our top 5 tips for staying safe and secure in the hotel environment.

1. Room to improve: If you have a choice of book before a room or the option to stay in the hotel to think about certain things.

The general consensus is between the 2nd floor and the 6th floor. That way people can’t easily access your room windows but fire fighters can find their way up the stairs.
Territorial Dangers – Are You Living in a Hostile Environment? If there is a threat of IEE, car bombs or suicide bombers think about getting a room behind the hotel or vice versa where cars can walk to the door. Maybe even far from the normal lobby area.
If you are not happy with the location of your room, want to move to another.

2. The first fire:

This is something we use to remind passengers that as soon as you spend a few minutes arriving from your hotel, did you encounter a fire or other emergency?

As soon as you go to your room, put your bag on the bed and get out of the room. Look for a nearby fire extinguisher near you and a nearby fire extinguisher, this picture arrives in the dark and counts the number or number of doors between your room and these points. You have to read in the dark or when smoking has blinded you. Don’t stop there, get out of the fire and make sure it’s a viable option. Then when you will be happy in your room.

3. Second of fire:

Inside his house was a dangerous story of an entire family dying in a small fire. They slept by every door and all the poisonous germs killed the passengers freely in every room while they slept. When the firefighters arrived, they only knew the pet dog alive because it was locked in a small utility room. The door protected the dog from fire and smoke. The story is the fact that a room properly done can protect residents from smoking and heat for plenty of time.

The second saying of fire is that we teach our students. Once you point out the fire and come back to your room, ask yourself again, will there be a fire? If there is no place to escape, this room will be your wheat, your safe room.

Look out the window, what is open, what is the destination for you? You can jump if it doesn’t open to give you fresh air.
How the door opens and unlocks. What is the key? If this error persists, contact our helpdesk.
There is a bath – in an emergency you can fill it with water and use it to house doors and walls.
If there is a fire you can’t escape with wet towels and block any gaps around the door.
If traveling to less developing countries or regions think about taking portable fire and carbon monoxide alarms. Both are inexpensive, small and easy to use and are capable of replacing small quantities.

4. Double the door

Your hotel room door is the best barrier to you from external danger. When inside your room make sure you provide all the locks. Do not open the door unless you are 100% sure when you are opening it. Use it if syphilis is present.

Think about taking some of the great things on the market that can provide a second layer of door security, as if they are small and cheap.

Door lock shaft
When you leave the room, use cerebellum, making sure there is no one outside. When you come back to the room, don’t assume it’s safe. Most of the hotel room locks can be easily broken, many people have access to the keys and it would be a mistake that no one could find. Take care and the door is locked behind you.

Hamas leader al-Mabhouh made the mistake of securing his hotel room in a Dubai hotel room that was killed by Mossad. Masood has used either a simple and easy-to-obtain machine that opens electronic doors or a test and test and immigration technique that can open many doors that are the widest of the gaps between door and floor. Is small.

It’s not just intelligence services that know these tricks, it’s the source and motivation for many criminals and attackers to go to great lengths.

5. Compatibility is the dirty word:

If you hear an alarm, don’t ignore it. React quickly and get out of your default path. We don’t mean your underwear to panic and run out, but just make sure you react. Get dressed, get your shoes, stay calm, leave the hotel and bring your room key, if there is a fire and there is no need to escape you should go back to your room, your door behind you Stop. Try to avoid using the hotel’s mot point or emergency meeting place. Sometimes enemies will use an alarm to gather people in one place before attacking or carrying out a secondary attack.

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